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The building was planned by the artist Hubert Lanzinger in 1928 and it is one of the very rare testimonies
of the Bauhaus building style in the Alps.

Created from stone and wood with a flat roof. Columns, immense windows for a house in the middle of the mountains
without heating and with Spartan furnishing.

Everything is still intact. 13 rooms for as few as 25 beds. The spruce floors in the rooms are still washed with pure water
and Marsiglia soap.

In the rooms you can wash yourself in bowls, whereby the water is taken from small basins on the corridor.
There are no televisions or radios in the rooms. Only 2 showers for each floor were built,
since this was the only way to maintain the original structure of the building.

The water is heated with solar panels or with wooden ovens.
The reading room and the dining room have not been changed.
Open from the middle of May until the end of September.
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