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With hand-knitted Sarners a piece of homeland and tradition comes to BRIOL from Garmisch. To this day the Sarners are still knitted by hand at the family company. This is something really special, like the company and the Grasegger family itself! At BRIOL, we are particularly honoured to offer different coloured jackets for both large and small sizes and made from pure sheep’s wool. We promise, our Grasegger Sarners will protect you through the seasons!



You are already familiar with the wonderful alpine honey with its unique intensive taste at our hearty breakfast buffet. Now we will give you some to take home. We will happily fill a 500 ml jar for a piece of the South Tyrol at home.



Juices, spritzers, cocktails, our wine glasses are really versatile and can also be used as unusual water glasses. Let your eyes drink in a beautifully laid table!



The cream-coloured cushions are homemade out of soft loden fabric, which we make in collaboration with Giesswein. It’s a piece of cosiness from BRIOL directly in your living room.


Hot water bottles

When it is icy outside our hot water bottles at BRIOL will warm you up through the winter.  We provide you with our hand-knitted hot water bottles made from pure new wool from Grasegger,  a cuddly companion to make you feel at home in your bedroom.  And the smell of pure new wool, released by the hot water, will bring back memories of the wonderful holiday you spent with us in the mountains at BRIOL.


Book of Briol

The author Mathias Michel and its book "Briol – Sommerfrischen am Berg" (Briol – summer in the mountains)
252 pages, hardcover, stitched paperback, publishing house: Tappeiner - Euro 55,00)

This book contains images and descriptions about the house, childhood memories of the author, impressions and emotions.