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History of the Briol hotel

Briol, more than only a special holiday destination. Its history is worth being told.

Briol is located in the Isarco Valley above Barbiano - Tre Chiese at an altitude of 1,310 m.
The great-grandmother of the current owner, Johanna, married a street dealer for renowned silk and china items at the time.

It was around 1880 when Johanna (the great-grandmother's name was also Johanna) decided that instead of jewellery for the birth of her children she would like to have a piece of mountain. She had 15 children, 11 of which where females.

She decided to build a house with a piece of surrounding ground for each family.
However, she imposed three rules which had to be respected: no fences, never to sell to third parties only to family members, and to maintain everything in respect to nature. Nowadays, Briol still follows the fundamental principles of this choice.
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