black and white picture of Hotel Briol in BarbianoJohanna Settari, the great-grandmother of the current owner of Hotel Briol with her family in a black and white photographblack and white photo of the kitchen of the Briol hotel in Barbianoyoung ladies sitting in front of the Briol Hotel in Barbiano in a black and white photo


Briol is located in the Isarco Valley above Barbiano and Tre Chiese at an altitude of 1310 m. It is a special holiday destination with a very special history.

Johanna Settari, the current landlady’s great-grandmother, was a proud inhabitant of Tre Chiese/Dreikirchen from her early childhood. When she had a child, she had little interest in jewellery or other valuable items from her husband, who was a wealthy silk and china merchant from Bolzano. Instead she wanted a plot of land “at the mountain.” And since she bore 15 children, 11 girls and 4 boys, she conquered the entire hamlet of Dreikirchen step by step, or rather, child by child.    

Johanna Settari’s biggest wish was to bequeath a house with land to each of her children so that the extended family could spend their summer holidays together. However, she imposed three rules which had to be respected:

No fences,

Never to sell to third parties only to family members,

and to maintain everything in respect to nature.